You Want to See or Join the Tour?


Then come and see the tour in action.

Bike clubs or groups are welcome to ride along with the tour for a bit, or a full day even.

If you haven't seen these beauties out on the road, GBSR 2014 will be your prime opportunity.
Come and see for yourself how comfortable and fast velomobiles are.

at the ROAM-potluck in Missoula

You want to race? We love to ride with road bikers, even when we're fully loaded with camping gear and stuff. Get on your fastest bikes and try us out; velomobile riders can hardly resist the temptation.

See the schedule for tour details and pick your day. Get in touch via Email – we much appreciate if your club or group would want to set something up for the tour (like a rest stop with drinks and fruits, or a BBQ at the day's destination). It will be your chance to speak with riders and take a close look at various models.

The following ride-along events are being planned (last update on April 30):

For the start and finish we are exploring event options with the City of Lübeck. The Mayor has been asked to formally send us on and receive us on the return.
In Rostock, we will be met by a local rider for a short tour to the city.

Danish velomobile riders plan to accompany the tour on its way to Copenhagen.
We will arrive on July 6 in the afternoon, and ride to Copenhagen from Maribo the next day.
A Copenhagen Velomobile Gathering is under preparation for July 8.  In the afternoon, we will ride up to Helsingor to cross over to Sweden.

No ride-ride along event scheduled yet.

The tour arrives at Turku in the early morning hours of July 13. Finnish receumbent and velomobile riders plan to meet the tour at the harbor and ride along down to Espoo where the tour will stay for the night. The next day will be spent in Helsinki, before we will take the boat to Tallinn.
If you want to join the ride on July 13 or the city visit on July 14, please get in touch with Petja Wagoner.

There’s a chance Latvian cyclists will meet and ride along to Riga, including a tour around the city. See respective page in the schedule section for details.

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