Mobility Messengers

Much is discussed about sustainable avenues to individual mobility. The United Nations have proclaimed 2013 to be the year of sustainable mobility as part of the UN-Decade on "Education for Sustainable Development," which ends in 2014. Politicians, urban planners, educators, activists and businesses are looking for options and alternatives. In light of the existing structures, patterns and rules they think long-term, and they may make change – some day, but not soon.


Why wait? The future is now, and the future is us. One of the most powerful resources for change in our societies is the people, is the choices they make every day, as consumers, as commuters, home owners, parents, and entrepreneurs. The key to this resource is to think and act different. Instead of waiting for solutions to be handed down by expert panels or governments, we can anticipate their recommendations and decisions, and start making change now.

Lots of people have already started as you read this. You just may not be aware of it. More and more commuters bike to work whenever feasible, if not year round. More and more prefer quality goods with longer life over short-lived cheap products in their homes. More and more invest into energy efficiency and renewables.

As velomobile riders, we are a part of this change. Most of us commute to work as you can see in the video below, all of us ride year round, and an increasing number uses the velomobile for traveling and touring. We are very individual, and we are very mobile – emission-free. Wherever we stop, we are approached by people wanting to know more. Does it have an engine? How can it be so fast? Could it be used on roads and trails? Can I ride one? Most people also state they had never seen one in their life. That's the point: If we want citizens to make different choices, they need to know about the alternatives.

We are convinced that different choices and modern technology can bring a leap forward in sustainability. Our special bicycles are proof of that. Nothing on wheels that is human powered will be as fast and comfortable as our velomobiles – it is modern technology and engineering applied to one of the most ingenious inventions in history.

This is the message every velomobile conveys on the road, in urban traffic and across the countries. Velomobiles are very visible with their bright colored shells made of fibre glass or carbon fibre. You can't miss them. Watch for these mobility messengers – they are part of a future that is here today. Take a closer look and you will find the the future is smiling.

Think different, make change, start now.
It's not as hard as you think, and it's fun. Here’s an example from my own riding.
Get started and pass on the message.

Josef Janning
Tour Captain

© Josef FL Janning 2013