Wednesday, July 23
Chmielno – Mielno, 169 km

Another day which is not too long or very hard to ride (actually, all days from now on will be shorter and easier than what we went through since Tallinn).
The day starts out in somewhat hilly terrain for the first 50 km or so. After that, the landscape has less hills.
As the route nears the coast again, it will be more flattish riding, particularly for the last bit on the small stretch of land by the sea.
Camping is close to the sea again, so we can end the day with a dip into the Baltic Sea.
The village of Mielno is a seaside resort – we should find a place to eat.
Those in need for some urban distraction might want to ride into the nearest larger town, Koszalin, about 10 km from the campground.

Totel climbing: 879 m. The track for the day:

Lunch Rest Stop
Slupsk (formerly Stolp/Pommern) will be a good place for lunch, about 83 km into the day.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Campsite Rodzinny Nr. 105
ul. Chrobrego 51
76-032 Mielno, Poland
Tel: +48 (0)94-3189385

Additional Information:
There is a restaurant nearby the campground, open until 11pm, and shops on the campground open until the early morning hours.

© Josef FL Janning 2013