Wednesday, July 16
Tallinn to Lepanina, 206 km

Getting out of Tallinn will be a bit tricky.
The route leads across a park and along some side streets, but eventually there is no real choice but to take the main road leading to the airport. Further out there’s a paved strip on the roadside used by road bikers. It may be too small for velomobiles to travel on.
Some km further south there’s a nice two lane seprated cycle path, which we can ride until we turn off onto smaller roads. Eventually, we will have to get on route 5, which is a major road leading towards Pärnu, former German name was Pernau (the track turns off to take a side road before getting to town).
South of Pärnu, the track mostly follows route 4, until we turn right onto smaller roads through some coastal villages to the day’s destination.

Riding is flat with some gentle rollers. Surface will be rather rough on those side roads, but all is paved. 842 m of climbing.

Lunch Rest Stop
It seems that Pärnu is the place to see along the route – clearly more than halfway into the ride (160 km from Tallinn) but definitely worth the few km off our route for the ride into town. We may want to get some snacks at one of the villages we will pass through and save the longer break for Pärnu.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Lepanina Hotel and Camping
Kabli küla
86002 Pärnumaa, Estonia
Tel +372.4465024

Additional Information:
15 € per person/tent
Campground is located near Lepanina Hotel. The next village is about 2 km away.
The manager wrote: "We offer breakfast (7.00 – 10.00), lunch and dinner in our restaurant Julie. I will add the group menu as attached file so you can pre-order the dinner or you can just order from our a la carte menu when you arrive.
Maybe all the guests dont want to eat. The nearest shop is in village Kabli, which is ca 2 km from the hotel. The shop isnt very big but has all the basic things."

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