Tuesday, July 8
Copenhagen to Växjö, 257 km

Today, we’re getting more serious about velomobiling. This is going to be one of the longest days of the tour.
We will spend the morning in Copenhagen until the mid afternoon – see information on aitvities below. By 15:00 riders should head out of the city towards Helsingør and take the ferry to Sweden.

Once in Helsingborg, Sweden, about 19:00, the second part of the day begins.
Every major tour should have a night ride, and this is the night. But, we’re in no rush. Take your time for dinner and a look around Helsingborg, get some Swedish money for the next three days before you ride on.
In small groups, riders will take on the remaining 190 km to Växjö. It will get dark late, and the sun will rise early, so the night is short. Traffic will not be heavy, but you should make sure that all lights are working, batteries are charged, and you have food and enough water on board for the ride across country. The journey will take about 7 hours plus those road side stops around midnight, so we will arrive at our destination in the early morning hours – time for a refreshing swim in the lake to prepare for breakfast.

The route in Sweden mostly follows state roads and side roads where the major road is narrow with no shoulder to ride on, while in several sections the route will run rather straight instead, all good to ride. I have no data for total climbing, assume it to be about 1272 m.

Copenhagen Event
The plan is to see the city by velomobile; folks at velomobilcenter.dk have volunteered to take us around. We will all gather for a VM-picknick at 1 pm on Kongens Nytorf in the city center, which could be labelled as public viewing of velomobiles";

Dinner Rest Stop
Depending on ferry schedule, the suggested dinner place is either Helsingør or Helsingborg, about two hours after leaving Copenhagen.

About 60 km into the ride
Helsingør(DK) - Helsingborg(S)ScandlinesDeparture every 20 minutes20 minutes travel time
Reservation has been made (details on procedure at riders
 meeting in the morning)

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Växjö Swecamp Evedal
Evedal 352 63 VÄXJÖ
Tel: Campingen: 0470-630 34 Restaurangen: 0470-630 82
Email: evedals.camping@telia.com

Additional Information:
Campingplace from 200 SEk/night
Electric 50 SEk/night
Shower 5 SEk 3 min.
Restaurant and Kiosk
Washing machines and dryer on campground

Bad Weather Option
In case of heavy rain, the night ride may not be an attractive option to riders. In this case, we would stay over at a campground by the sea in Helsingborg, rather close to the planned route to Växjö. Also, riders who do not wish to put in a ride through the night, could stay there and take on the remaining 190 km the next day. They’ll miss the ride on a Scandinavian summer night and the chill-out sessions on the next day.
Accommodation would be here:
No reservation will be made
Råå Vallar Resort, Kustgatan, 252 70 Råå, Sweden
Tel +46 (0) 42 182600, E-mail: raavallar@nordiccamping.se

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