Tuesday, July 22
Stegna – Gdansk – Chmielno, 81 km

This is going to be an easy day, no need for a ver early departure even if we spend half the day in the city of Gdansk, which is definitely worth seeing.
At 13 km we will have to cross the river by ferry. About 35 km into the ride we will arrive downtown at the pedestrian zone with its many beautifully restored houses.
The way our will be somewhat busy, but the roads are good to ride, often with a shoulder. In all , the busy section is not more than 10 km from the center to the major road crossing, after which we will follow route 7 into the hills. Turning onto an even smaller road, which has less traffic, the track takes a minor detour, until we turn left onto route 214.
This will take us to Kartuzy. Another 9 km and we will reach the campground right by lake Klodno.
You may want to do some grocery shoping at Kartuzy, because the campground is outside a small village (Chmielno is located on the other side of the lake), and there may not be a store or restaurant nearby.

This is the map foir the day:

No climbing really: 654 m. The track for the day:

Lunch Rest Stop
Have lunch in Gdansk. There may be a meeting with local representatives and possibly also cyclists; details to follow.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Camping Tamowa
83-333 Chmielno
e-mail: tamowa@agrowakacje.pl
tel./fax (58) 684 25 35
tel.kom. 606 765 355

Additional Information:
Fee per person & tent: 17 Zloty.

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