Thursday, July 10
Växjö to Linköping, 235 km

A normal riding day through a lot of Swedish countryside. For most of the days distance we will travel on smaller roads. Initially, I had planned to use the larger state roads, but decided in favor of more countryside and less traffic after looking up many of these small roads on Google StreetView. They looked allright, the pavement will be a bit rough but the sights should be worth it.
The ride ends with a loop around Linköping before heading out into the northwest end of town towards the campground.

This day is rolling hills. Expect some hills and enjoy the lookout over lakes and forest. Total elevation is about 2091 m.

Linköping Event
A good place to meet for dinner is a snack bar downtown:
Stångebro Gatukök KB, Gamla Tanneforsvägen 92
It has a large lawn in front and serves homemade hamburgers.

Lunch Rest Stop
Halfway into the day’s ride, the suggested place to stop for lunch is the town of Exjö.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Glyttinge Camping
Berggårdsvägen 6, 584 37 Linköping, Sweden 
+46 13 17 49 28
Price will be 150+7,50 SEK = 20,65 €

Additional Information:
to be completed

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