Saturday, July 26
Kühlungsborn to Lübeck, 105 km

The last riding day of the tour; three weeks and some 3.300 km went by really fast.
Most of the day we will ride on state road 01, fairly close to the coast – a hint to those still not fed up with dipping in to the Baltic Sea.
The place for breakfast and/or coffe is the beautifully restored city of Wismar, another one of the proud Hanseatic cities in the Baltics (actually Sweden ruled or claimed it since 1648 and until 1903), about 43 km into the ride.
The remainder is riding farmland with some final views over the Baltic Sea until we reach the outskirts of Lübeck after some 90 km.
We should be back at the start in the city center by early afternoon.

The city has been informed that we will be back around 15:00, and I am in negotiations about an arrival ceremony.
In any case we should plan for our own celebration of these three weeks, hopefully with the help and advice of local recumbent and velomobile riders.

Just 692 m of climbing. The track for the day:

Lunch Rest Stop
With a hearty breakfast at Wismar (43 km into the ride) theres no need for lunch on this short day.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Reservation at the Youth Hostel Vor dem Burgtor has been made for all riders who wanted to stay for another night.

© Josef FL Janning 2013