Saturday, July 12
In Stockholm and to Turku, about 35 km

This day is spent in Stockholm, visiting the city and meeting with local cyclists. We will also meet with the folks at the Council of Baltic Sea States, patrons of our ride.
Details of the Stockholm program to follow.


In the evening, we will all gather and take the 19:30 night ferry to Turku, Finland. Arrival will be 7 am the next morning; the arrangement is for cabins and beds, so we will leave the ferry by 7:30 am to take on the route towards Helsinki.
The track for the Stockholm day is a basic cycling route from the campground to the King’s Castle in the old center of Stockholm, and from there to the ferry terminal Värtahamnen.

Accommodation: Reservation made for the ferry
Tallink Silja Line
M/S Galaxy

Departure 19:30 Stockholm/Värtahamnen

Additional Information:
to be completed

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