Monday, July 7
Maribo to Copenhagen, 150 km

Again, not a long day, but don’t be mislead: the coming days will be harder. Enjoy the easy riding of the first two days to get into the routine, listen to your VM and make sure everything’s working smoothly. In Copenhagen we would still have a last chance to do some repairs at – the folks there are great people and very willing to help.

We should arrive at the campground by mid afternoon. It is located fairly close to the city center, about 5 km from the main train station. The rest of the day is meant for rides into downtown. We will also be in Copenhagen the next day until mid-afternoon.

The route is mostly state roads, and trails on the roadside, all paved and good to ride. Elevation is not relevant, some ramps, bridges and a few gentle rollers, about 679 m, thats all.

Copenhagen Event
Nothing planned for this day, so it will be up to you: relax, go to the beach, or ride into town. Or do all of that; there will be enough time. The campground is beautiful, very close to the city center and by the sea.

Lunch Rest Stop
Suggested lunch place is Køge, about 97 km from the start.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Strandvejen 144 B
DK-2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark
Price is 135 DKK per person/tent.

Charlottenlund Fort Campsite is located just 6 km from the centre of Copenhagen in the middle of Charlottenlund Beachpark on the shores of the delightful Øresund Sound with a magnificent bathing beach. 
The camping site is laid out in the old grounds of the disused Charlottenlund Fort. Constructed during the years 1886-87, the fort functioned as a fortress for the defense of Copenhagen Harbour until 1932. The area is listed, and the ramparts surrounding the fort form the natural physical bounderies of the campsite.

© Josef FL Janning 2013