Monday, July 21
Harsz to Stegna, 233 km

The day is long and the countrside will be pretty, so better get up and leave early.
This third day of going around the Kaliningrad enclave will again have plenty of scenic side road riding through rolling hills until we get to the city of Elblag. The rest of the day’s route towards Stegna on the sea shore will be rather flat.

Totel climbing is 1203 m. Track for the day: 

Lunch Rest Stop
It may be advisable to plan for a two stop day again, the first being after about 83 km at Bartoszyce, which is a larger town with a few shops and restaurants, the second at Elblag (the biggest town on route for that day) at 195 km — with still about 40 km to go.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Campsite Nr. 159
ul. Morska 26
82-103 Stegna, Poland
+48 (0)55-2478303

Additional Information:
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