Friday, July 25
Loissin to Kühlungsborn, 154 km

Not a tough day after the long ones we did since leaving Riga. State roads and local roads will take us across the rolling hills of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Climbing won’t be a real issue, though.
Shortly after the start the route passes Greifswald, a nice university town, good for breakfast if you haven’t had one at the campground.
Rostock is the other obvious city to see on the day’s route. From there it’s less than 40 km to Kühlungsborn, a small seaside resort, which is the destination of this day.

Not much climbing to do: 580 m. The track for the day:

Lunch Rest Stop
For lunch I suggest to ride to Rostock, about 114 km into the ride. We will stop in Rostock anyway to see a bit of the old city. Its worth visiting. We will be met by a local rider downtown to receive a bit of a tour.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Campingpark Kühlungsborn
Waldstraße 1b
18225 Kühlungsborn
+49 (0) 38293 - 7195
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