Friday, July 18
Jurmala to Šilinė, 274 km

Instead of heading West to the Baltic Sea as originally planned, the first day of the „Around Kaliningrad Detour“ will take riders south to the banks of the Neman or Nemanus River (also known under the German name “Memel”).

This is the second longest day of the tour, so we should get up early. The route mostly follows side roads (a bit bumpy for the first 30 km), a bit of major road, then followed by side roads mostly. Traffic should not be too heavy as there are major roads nearby (which I have checked as well but would not recommend. Though they would really shorten our distance, they will be busy with lots of trucks cming from Riga.)

Towards the end of the ride, watch out as you see the road sign pointing to the 6% downhill ahead on route 146. The campground entry is about halfway down; when you have passed the sign for the left turn, you went too far. Camp will be on the north side, and we will have to ride west to Jubarkas the next morning to find a bridge to cross over.

967 m of climbing. Track for the day:

Lunch Rest Stop
Siauliai (Schaulen), 165 km into the day

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Honey Valley Campground
Raseinių g. 19, Šilinė, Jurbarko raj.
Tel +370 640 32128

Additional Information:
Not sure whether there will be food at the campground or near it. However, the campground manager told me the café is 2 km from the campground and it would be possible to order food by telephone and have it delivered.
(there is Panemuné Castle not far away, which seems to attract some tourism, but I have no confirmed information about food shops or restaurants there). Better to get dinner before getting to the campground and to buy some food for the next morning.

© Josef FL Janning 2013