Friday, July 11
Linköping to Stockholm, 217 km

Another nice riding day through some great Swedish countryside. Expect a few more climbs compared to the day before, but they will be rather short; it’s still rolling terrain, somewhat more rocky than the day before.
We’ll take a little detour (which actually shortens the ride by one km) onto the island of Mörkö to take the ferry and head on via small roads until we get to Grödinge.
ATTENTION: From there on the track runs on the road, which will be increasingly busy. We will take the bike trail running parallel, sometimes swinging from right to left (but with underpasses at some major intersections). So, you should follow the bike trail, but keep an eye on the track not to lose it when the trail swings away from the road for a bit.
The campground for today is locates about 10 km to the Southwest of the city center.

Splendid views over fjord country as we progress towards Stockholm. Total elevation is about 1935 m.

Lunch Rest Stop
Nyköping would be the obvious choice for lunch, about 117 km into the ride. The route leads through town anyway and there should be plenty of choices for food and refreshments. You will find us at Ambrosia Restaurang around noon time.
If progress will be good and the weather is nice, you may find us visiting Trosa on our way to Stockholm.

Accommodation: Reservation confirmed
Bredäng Camping Stockholm
Stora Sällskapets Väg
S – 127 31 SKÄRHOLMEN, Sweden
Tel: +46-8-97 70 71
Shower, Wireless Internet, kitchen, microwave, car washing and sauna are free of charge.
Sauna 6 pm – 9pm

Additional Information:
Fees for the whole group have been paid in advance.
The manager wrote: 
Call + 46 8 97 70 71 in case you will arrive after 19.00 We will keep your reservation until the 11th of July 19.00.

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